1. General Booking Information

a. When making a booking you must be aged 18 years or over and have the authority to accept, and do accept these terms and conditions on behalf of all members of your party. All correspondence and documents will be sent or given to you, the “Party Leader”. You are responsible for ensuring that the correct information such as excursion- inclusions and exclusions, entrance fees, itinerary etc. is provided to all members of your party. You are also responsible for all payments in respect of the booking.

b. You understand and acknowledge that Trans Island Travel acts solely as an intermediary (a booking agent) for the tour operators, guides, transportation providers, and any and all other service providers used in connection with your selected excursion or activity. You accept that Trans island Travel does not provide any of the above services which will or may be used during your excursion(s), unless your voucher states Trans Island Travel as “Tour Operator”.

c. We make every reasonable effort to provide accurate information and to book with providers who are reliable and of good quality. We do regular inspections and only outsource to tour operators which can provide substantial proof of proper licenses, insurance and other documentations needed to operate by the law in the Kingdom of Thailand. However, you accept that it is not possible for us to continually investigate and guarantee the quality of services offered by providers and their partners.

d. In respect of the above, you agree not to hold Trans Island Travel responsible for any damages including personal injury and financial loss, due to negligence, or other actions or inactions of the tour operator and any other service provider utilized during your selected excursion(s).

e. You acknowledge that the excursion or activity you selected may involve inherently dangerous activities and risks and/ or that it may require extreme physical exertion. You agree that Trans Island Travel shall not be liable for special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from this.

f. We intend to find the most suitable excursion for all our guests based on their needs, expectations and capabilities. We therefore reserve the right to refuse bookings in case we find any party member unsuited for the requested excursion. E.g. pregnant women are not suited for speedboat tours due to the risks involved.

2. Finalize Booking, Payment and Issuing Documents

a. Excursion bookings made through our website must be paid in full, in advance by either Credit Card, Invoice or cash at our office. Last minute payments on day of excursion may not be accepted.

b. Once the payment for your booking has been cleared, we will issue a voucher. A confirmation voucher is the tour operator’s acceptance of your booking (as detailed therein), and a contract is made between you and the tour operator upon its delivery. We would ask you to check the details on the voucher. Any anomaly should be reported to us immediately, otherwise the details shown on the voucher will be presumed to be correct and confirmed by you, the “Party Leader”.

c. You are responsible to keep the original voucher, which will be required by the tour operator as proof of purchase when joining the excursion. If the voucher is lost, you might not be allowed on the excursion. However this is entirely at their discretion of the operator, it may involve extra checks to prove your identity. We are not responsible for any delay, inconvenience or loss this may cause.

d. You are responsible for the payment of any items not listed in the tour itinerary (e.g. National Park entry fees, alcoholic drinks, photographs or videos of the tour) and agree to pay locally for items or services used by your party which are not included in your tour price.

e. Promotional pricing: from time to time, we may offer special discounts on certain tours or from certain operators. Promotional pricing will not apply retrospectively to any bookings made prior to the promotional period. Advertised promotion are due to availability of said excursion with specified operator, availability to be confirmed upon booking. Trans Island Travel reserves the right to change, cancel or retract the promotion at any time unless a voucher has been issued and confirmed.

3. Changes to published schedule & itinerary

a. You agree and accept that all excursion itineraries may vary due to tidal and weather conditions without prior notice. The tour operators are experienced and any changes made will be for your safety and comfort during the trip.

4. Cancellation & Amendments of Excursions

a. Cancellation by you:

  • Cancellations made 24 hours before excursion are refunded in full. Cancellations within 24 hours of excursion but before 6pm day before excursion is charged 50% of selling price. Tour cancelled after 6pm or the same day as excursion is charged in full, 100%.
  • Private charters and excursions arranged specifically for your party, are non-refundable within 48 hours of excursion if not otherwise agreed.
  • In case you are unable to participate and no refund can be paid, then a statement from us will be issued saying that the excursion has been paid in full but you, for said reason, could not attend. Please ensure you have adequate travel insurance to cover the consequences of any unexpected illness, accidents etc.
  • In the event that you fail to participate in the tour or activity booked, do not show up at said time at agreed meeting point, arrive late or depart early. No refund will be issued under any circumstances.

b. Cancellation by the tour operator:

  • The tour operators reserve the right to cancel any tour at any time before departure for any reason, including dangerous weather conditions (see below) or insufficient participants to operate the tour.
  • The minimum number of participants required for most landtours is 4 adults (unless otherwise stated); should there be less than the required number confirmed at time of your booking we will inform you and offer you either a refund, alternative date, or (if desired) keep you on a waiting list.
  • In the unlikely event that a tour is cancelled by the operator (for any reason), you will be given a full refund*, or be allowed to reschedule for an alternative date, at no additional cost. Neither we, nor the tour operator, may be held responsible for any additional costs above and beyond the price of your ticket(s), including transport or other personal expenses, incurred as a result of such changes; travel insurance usually covers reimbursement for such eventualities.

c. Cancellation due to weather

  • All of the tours that can be booked through Trans Island Travel Representatives and office members. If you decide to cancel your booking due to unfavorable weather conditions and the tour operator deems that the weather conditions are safe enough to allow the tour or activity to take place, no refund will be given but we will give you the option to change the date of your excursion.
  • In the circumstances that the tour operator deems that the weather conditions make it unsafe for the tour or activity to take place, and cancels the tour, you have 3 options:

– You may reschedule the same itinerary for a different day at no additional cost

– You may choose another itinerary for the same day (if available), paying the difference in price (if more), or receiving a refund for the difference (if less).

– You can receive a full refund* for the itinerary.

d. Amendments and rescheduling

  • Changes to your booking pertaining to a decrease in the number of travelers and / or different date of travel or program (subject to availability) may be made at any time, with a minimum notice of 24 hours before excursion. Changes for Private charters and excursions arranged specifically for your party must be notified at least 48 hours before excursion. No admin fee will be charged; the price of the excursion or service itself will be adjusted as necessary.
  • Changes made after 6pm the day before excursion, 48 hours for all private charters, will be subject to the cancellation policy outlined in clause 4a, above. This means no refund will be provided in the case of any reduction in travelers; nor in the case of your new date being unavailable.
  • We will endeavor to accommodate any increase in passenger numbers and / or changes to pick-up location at any time, subject to availability and sufficient notice being provided. Neither type of request will be guaranteed.

5. Cancellation & Amendments of Land and Sea Transfers

a. Cancellation by you:

  • You should be at the reception/pickup point at the time stated on your voucher. Please allow 15 minutes interval for all transfers. Failure to appear at reception/pickup point at said time will automatically be considered as a no-show and cancelation of transfer without any refund.
  • Cancellation within the same day as transfer date will incur 100% cancellation fees.
  • No service fee for changing transfer date, 24 hours prior to the pick-up time.
  • A 50% fee is charged for cancellation after 6pm.

b. Cancellation by the transfer operator:

  • The transfer operators reserve the right to cancel any transfer at any time before departure for any reason, including dangerous weather conditions.

Definition of Full Refunds:

  • All refunds must be made via the same channel used for payment.
  • A “full refund” means a refund of the amount actually paid for the tour(s) or service(s) in question, and will take into account any volume discount, promotion, or coupons applied at time of booking. It does not mean a refund of the published price for the tour / service, unless that is what was actually paid.
  • The period that a “full refund” (equivalent to the amount paid) will be available depends on the channel used for payment, so you are advised to take this into consideration before booking.
  • Any fees applied by the payment channel following this period will be deducted from your “full refund” amount, as per the following schedule:
  • Credit card payments are refunded in full directly to your account, if a Credit card payment is refunded in cash, then the applied fee of 3% are not refunded.
  • Cash payments are refunded in full within 24 hours to you.
  • Please note that Trans Island Travel does not charge any additional handling or admin fee for refunds. When refunds are due, we always return the funds received in full, and the payment channel deducts their fees directly from this amount.

6. Compensation

a. In any dispute following provision of services, you agree that in no circumstances shall Trans Island Travel total liability for any error or omission, perceived or real, exceed the total value of the amount paid for the tour or service in connection with which the liability arose.

b. You also agree that after a full refund* has been processed, we will have no further liability, nor obligation to you, neither financially nor in kind. Please ensure you have adequate travel insurance (see Clause 7b. below) in order to cover any indirect or consequential losses over and above your ticket price.

7. Travel insurance

a. The tour operators will provide a basic accident insurance for all activities and excursions, typically up to 500,000 baht per accident.

b. We strongly recommend that you take out adequate travel insurance in addition to this, to protect your belongings and travel investment. The policy should include coverage for theft and damage to personal and third party property, trip cancellation, missing travel connections, interruption or delay for medical, work, weather or natural disaster-related reasons, as well as covering boat travel and soft adventure activities, if relevant. You may also wish to include extended medical services, to cover international standard healthcare and repatriation.

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