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Trans Island Travel

Koh Samui | Krabi

Ethical Elephant Sanctuary


9am – 12.30pm



Group Size






The tour operates everyday.
Adult: 3000 Baht per person
Children: 2-4 years old free of charge
Children: 5-10 years old: 1500 Baht

What to bring | to wear

√ casual clothing
√ towel
Good mood

What's included

√ Roundtrip transfer
√ Insurance
√ Drinking water
√ Snacks & goodies
√ Licensed tour guide

The Samui Elephant Home Sanctuary offers you the opportunity to get as close as ever to the majestic pachyderms in the morning program and without forcing the animals to do anything.

The welfare of the elephants comes first here!

The Elephant Home is a project that not only cares for elephants from captivity and helps them to reintegrate as much as possible into their natural habitat, but also plans to build an elephant hospital in Koh Samui as soon as possible, as the nearest clinic is far away on the mainland. This means that sick animals are spared a long journey.

The adventure starts with preparing food for the hungry mammals, because an elephant is busy eating most of the day.

After extensive feeding, a digestive walk is needed. Observe the fascinating animals in their natural environment and take wonderful photos. Finally, some bathing fun should not be missing. The elephants love the cool water.

In the knee-deep pool you can scrub them down with a coarse root brush, which the animals enjoy. Last but not least, you can feed them again, as mentioned before, the pachyderms can never get enough. So that you don’t return to your hotel hungry yourself, some vegetarian dishes, fruits  and fresh juices are offered at the end.

An incredibly great experience where both animals and humans have a wonderful time.