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Today’s Blog is about Chaweng Beach Road, Chaweng Beach restaurants, shops and more.

First of all, please inquire about all hotel offers directly at your travel agency, your travel agency is always up to date and happy to help you.

Chaweng Beach

just the beach itself is now a real paradise.
If you would like to take long walks almost alone on the beach, maybe already at 6 a.m. in the morning at sunrise, during the day – not recommended in the heat – or in the evening and then want to enjoy your dinner at one of the open hotel restaurants then this is exactly the right place for you.

3.5km white sandy beach, every now and then a few beach vendors with delicious locally grilled food such as chicken, catfish and Somtam, enough shade to take a break. Hotels allow guests to take a seat on the loungers for a small price or according to the principle – one hand washes the other – you buy a drink and the lounger, usually bean bags are also included.

Just delicious!

Restaurants In the morning and at lunchtime: these offers are still manageable, but from 5.30 p.m. you will find plenty of opportunities to end the day in a great atmosphere during a walk on the beach

In the north of Chaweng is a great address * OP Bungalow *, a small older complex with a huge tree as a shade on the beach, a very popular place with residents, long-term vacationers and the so-called repeaters and * Sala Thai Restaurant * near the Amari Hotel.

OP Bungalow

Further towards Chaweng centre there are a few great options such as * Lub’D * – a small beach club with a nice atmosphere, a few meters next to it the Malibu Hotel with pizzeria, Ozo Hotel with restaurant, * Seen Beach Club * – very modern! This is really only a small excerpt to understand that Chaweng on the beach side is by no means a ghost town as it is unfortunately described in many YouTube blogs. These negative reports only serve as click baits.

Seen Beach Club
Seen Beach Club

Chaweng Beach Road

It looks a here different here compared to the beach.
Very few restaurants are open in the evening. Chaweng Beach Road was built exclusively for tourism, but as there are very few guests at the moment, it is very clear that almost all shops and restaurants are closed. If you turn left or right just a few hundred meters from theBeach Road you will find enough little local Restaurants.

Small proper local Thai restaurants – In contrast to before, these restaurants can now really be called * THAI RESTAURANTS * again, because for the past 1.5 years they have exclusively served the Thai market and now you can enjoy the right Thai food again, not European versions of Thai dishes that much are often hair-raising, but you have to understand that restaurants also want to win every guest and we Europeans don’t love all spices and not everyone can eat really spicy.

Pad krapow moo – Aroi!

Shopping on the Beach road

Shopping on Beach Road is limited, 7/11 and Family Marts are all closed, but a few small Mum & Pops shops are open. There are food stalls on Beach Road, but only at lunchtime and only where there are really still workers, such as outside the Central Festival. Off the Beach Road, there are always food stalls to be found. Especially at lunchtime.

Central Festival Shopping Center early morning


Taxis can also be found here until evening if you do not want to return to the hotel on foot after dinner. As always – please negotiate prices in advance – the * taxi meter * will not be switched on. Within Chaweng, a trip normally costs 300 baht per car each way.

For everyone who has already been to Chaweng, the tangled cables on Beach Road are history, everything was laid underground, all pillars removed, lamps with solar energy installed everywhere and the whole street is monitored by CCTV.

Before – picture by www. thailand construction.
Now – 2021! What a difference!

You can also take a walk by our Chaweng lake, there are also small food stalls for every taste in the evenings.
The lake is also a great place for early morning or evening exercise and there is a small outdoor gym on the lake near the roundabout.


Another small note: the * Green Mango * party mile is closed at the moment and will probably not open its doors again anytime soon. Good for those looking for peace and quiet, bad for party lovers of course.

Green Mango

Koh Samui is looking forward to welcome you soon.

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