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Foreign governments asks their citizens to be respectful while in Thailand

Foreign governments have asked their citizens to behave property while in Thailand while the country is preparing for the royal funeral of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Several governments have issued an advisory to their citizens, who are planning to travel to, or are already in Thailand, to be cautious with their behavior during their stay as the whole nation is still in mourning while preparing for the royal funeral on October 26.

In their advisories, all have called on their respective citizens to beware of the mourning period that will continue until October 29, saying that and many tourist sites, such as the Emerald Buddha Temple and the Grand Palace will be closed temporarily until October 30.

Travelers have also been warned that many nighttime entertainment venues may also be closed at this time, although the Thai government has not issued any official order for such an action. Accordingly, tourists may find it inconvenient to go out at night.

In addition, all visitors have been informed that they will later be able to visit the royal crematorium, which is located at Sanam Luang, as the government will keep the special structure in place for one month after the royal funeral, and tourists are advised to pay a visit to witness the magnificence of the ancient architecture of Thailand that represents the best of Thai craftsmanship, as well as the rare art that originates from behind palace walls.